Proclamation of Values and Purpose

At Vert La Bouche we believe that the quality of the food we offer to our customers is determined by more than just the skill of our chefs and the taste of the dish. How sustainable are the practices that we employee to create the dish dramatically impact the health of our world and the people who live on it. Thus, Vert La Bouche is built to be a company that profits and grows from the creation of diverse delicacies born from the passions of its chefs and customers while still maintaining the sustainable principles below:

Locally Grown

  • We work with local farmers to source the bulk of our produce. This insures that our produce is seasonal, and produces the smallest carbon footprint possible.


  • We choose organic ingredients whenever possible to reduces pollutants enabling better long term health for our clients and the soil of our farmers.


  • Canning and freezing have there place, but relying on only fresh product leads to healthier food and the limited processing minimizes environmental impact.


  • Our chefs are not only trained in the culinary arts, but up to date on the current scientific understanding of how diet impacts health, enabling them to help you make dietary choices that will lead to a longer life.

Reuse, Recycle and Compost

  • Our goal is zero waste for every occasion. Reusable products is always our first choice, extra effort is made by us to insure that all disposable products can be recycled or composted. We work with the clients to set up an environment that makes their guests feel pampered without feeling wasteful.

Ethically Produced

  • A company is more than just a name or a spreadsheet. For the company to flourish so must all of its parts. We pay each of our employees above industry standard to ensure they receive a living wage. This extends to the farmers and producers we buy from through our decision to use fair trade or buy direct when possible.

Quality, quality, quality...

  • Each and every action we make as we conduct business will be made with conscious thought and unwavering attention to detail. This begins with the careful choice of what products to buy and doesn't end with the last garnish placed on the plate or the last farewell to the departing guests.