Q:  I will be serving meat at an event beside the vegetarian fare provided by Vert La Bouche. Is that a problem?

A: No, all the chefs at Vert La Bouche have chosen for personal reasons to go meat free, but most have worked in the traditional industry for years. We love the meat eaters and meat on the side eaters as much as the hard core vegans. While we don't supply any meat options, we are happy to sit next and even help with the delivery of the meat options.

Q: Is your ingredients local and organic?

Bridging the farm to table gap is one of the founding tenets of Vert La Bouche. To this end we source as much of our produce from local farmers in a 100 mile radius as possible. Additionally, organic produce is used whenever possible. If requested though, we can prepare a menu consisting of strictly local or organic food.


Q: I am vegan and intolerant to gluten, can you accommodate all my dietary needs?

Yes, the chefs of Vert La Bouche can not only accommodate you but turn your desired dietary guidelines into an exceptional meal your guests won't forget.