Immune Boosting Kale Smoothy


Staying healthy during cold season is all about laying a good foundation of vitamins and minerals. Our first suggestion year round is starting the day with a healthy real food shake. Our favorite is:
1 packed cup sliced kale
1.5 cups frozen mango or other frozen fruit
1 frozen banana
1 cup orange juice
1/2 cup water

Blend all ingredients in a strong blender, make sure to blend long enough that the kale gets fully liquified. You can play with what ingredients you use, but keep the ratio of 2 cups total of frozen fruit to 1 cup greens. This shake has a lovely color, and tastes delicious (you will be surprised that the kale is so subtle that it just mellows the sweetness of the fruit). These tasty smoothies enjoyed 2-3 times a week will really boost that immune system.