Falafel the Perfact Dinner on a Hot Day

For the last week of June we delivered falafel plates to our subscribers. Falafel is a classic Middle Eastern dish, packed with healthy fats and tons of flavor. Most recipes call for adding too much flour to hold the ball together in the hot oil--there is nothing more disappointing than dropping a perfectly shaped ball into the oil only to have it explode. However, the falafel ends up being dense and doughy.

Perfect falafels can only be achieved when dried chickpeas are used, not canned precooked chickpeas.  A fully cooked chickpea already has too high of a water content. So instead, start by soaking the chickpeas over night. By the next day they should be just right, all you have to do then is grind them in a food processor to a med grain: slightly larger than sand. Add in some salt, coriander, some fine diced garlic and onion and just enough flour to make it come together into a solid ball. Now heat your oil and drop a small test ball into the oil. If it falls apart then add a little more flour till the balls neatly hold there shape. This will give you perfect falafel every time.